Friday, April 17, 2009

Another Bug Fix Part 1

I had mentioned earlier that this bug seemed a little more complicated. As it turns out, the fix was equally as simple as the previous bug.

Since I haven't given much detail on this bug yet I'll divide this post into 2 parts. The first part will be about re-creating the bug, the second part will describe how I fixed it.

As you may recall from my previous posts, the last bug I worked on dealt with the extensions tab of the WSDL editor. This bug deals with the same area of the UI, however unlike the previous bug this one is related to the Extension Details section rather than the Extensions tree list.

The problem in this section related to one attribute known as "parts." Parts seems to be a list of objects that makes up the soap:body extension. As you can see in the image below, the soap:body of the example WSDL I created has 2 parts, "parameters" and "NewPart"

At first nothing seems wrong with this scenario. However, to find the bug we have to click on the Button next to the parts field labeled "..." which pops up the "Specify Parts" dialog.

Next, I unchecked NewPart and clicked OK. Now we can see the problem. In the image below, notice that the parts field still displays "parameters NewPart". The NewPart is still included as a part according to the UI.

Now, as you can see the focus has been lost from the soap:body extension. I re-clicked it, and the results are below.

Now the parts field simply displays "parameters". The UI is now behaving correctly. The fact that there wasn't any actual problem updating the parts list told me that the problem was simply the UI not updating after the parts list was updated. The fact that the UI fixed itself after I changed focus back to soap:body told me that the UI perhaps just needed to be refreshed. I'll describe my fix in Part 2.

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