Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Lab 2: Firefox Build Lab

I know this is quite late, however I felt it would be better to at least do this lab and blog about it later rather than never.

What was hard?

I didn't find anything about building Firefox too hard. I had everything I needed to know in the documentation. I guess I could say that the trickiest part was figuring out what I needed to include in my .mozconfig file, but in the end this didn't cause me too much trouble.

What did you learn that you didn't know before?
Where do i start? I had the chance to use software I hadn't touched before in my life such as Mercurial and Minefield. I discovered how mozilla's build system worked and what was needed to grab, setup and run that build. Pretty much every aspect of this lab was something I had never done before.

How would you do it differently next time?

I don't think I could've approached this lab any better than how I did. I didn't really have any problems, I read the documentation thoroughly, so I don't think I really needed to do anything differently to be successful. I think if I ever built Firefox again it would be within Linux, as I've heard that it builds faster there than it does in Windows.

What advice would you give others trying this?

Read the instructions carefully. I had heard of others having problems performing this lab so I made sure that when I did it (finally) that I understood what was in the documentation. Because of that, I was able to complete the lab without any problems

Here is a screenshot of my build:

I know I haven't been a model student with these labs, however I fully intend to go back and complete the labs I've missed so I can be more prepared when doing my project (which I will also have updates on soon).
Note: I also made sure to submit my build times to Patrick Lam's wiki page.

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