Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Switching Bugs

Well, after some difficulty (mostly due to the slightly vague instructions) trying to re-create Bug 142301, I managed to get it done. However, it seems like the bug has already been fixed.

It's hard to tell since the bug is from 2006 and I imagine the UI has changed since then, so some of the page names in the wizard (ie. "Web Service Java Bean Identity Page") seem out of date. I originally stumbled on this page which is a guide on how to use the Web Service wizard, from the screenshots it didn't seem like there was a "Web Service Java Bean Identity" page, thus I figured I wasn't in the right wizard.

I tried the WSDL wizard since the bug page mentions attempting to improperly name a .WSDL file. In this wizard I found what I was looking for: a text box for naming the WSDL file. However, I found that my bug had already been addressed. As the top of the image shows, the necessary error message and disabled buttons appear when I try to add an * to the filename.

It's frustrating that I wasted my time on this bug, but I decided to trek on and luckily I stumbled upon another bug that caught my fancy. This description was even less informative then the last one, but looking at the Component and noticing that it was in wst.wsdl meant that it had something to do with a WSDL file.

I had already created an EJB Session bean when trying to re-create the first bug with this tutorial, and using that I created a Web Service with a WSDL file. I opened this file, checked the extensions tab in the properties window and was distraught to find that this bug also seemed to be addressed as the Delete button was disabled when according to the bug it shouldn't have been. However, when I switched to another tab and then back to the extensions tab I found that the button was in fact enabled when no extensions were present. Somehow changing focus between tabs re-enabled the button.

Well, I'm glad I at least got the re-creation of the bug out of the way. Now, my next problem is to find out where in the code this is occurring. I feel like if I can do that the actual change in code wouldn't be anything crazy, but then again with a big, unknown system like Eclipse you never know.

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