Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where do I Begin?

I don't know where. I guess I'll start with my last semester results. My patch for the source server project was accepted into Mozilla's tree, which I'm very proud of.

My results with the source server project make it all the more confusing as to why I'd be so hesistant to work on my new project. I won't spend this entire post psychoanalyzing myself, but sometimes I think it goes beyond simply being lazy. I wonder if it has something to do with my self-confidence. This was a problem last semester with the source server project. It took me so long to finally take a look at the system and get started, and this semester with my new project it's the same.

Oh yes, my new project. I will be working with Eclipse WTP this semester. Dave recommended it since I was looking to try something a little different, and Eclipse is all Java.

Like I said, this happened last semester. At the time I believed it was just me being lazy, but now that it's happening again I'm starting to wonder if it has something to do with my confidence as a programmer. It's wierd that I would feel that way still, I mean I felt the exact same way last semester but I overcame it and once I got into the project it was easy for me to keep going. But now here I am and the cycle continues. Like I said I attributed it to laziness originally, but now I believe that perhaps by understanding why I do it a little more, I can overcome it.

I don't want to make baseless excuses for myself but I seriously believe that in this case it might be true. I've never really thought of that before but now that I'm aware, I hope that I can fix it starting with this project, because I know I'm a capable programmer and I know that I have the ability to learn a new system and contribute to it.

I will be updating my blog with my 0.4 release info shortly, I figure it's a better idea to keep this stuff a seperate post.

I'm still not too warm to this whole blogging thing, however it's actually felt nice to get that off my chest.

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